August 1, 2012

Say hello to the month of August!

It's a new month and I couldn't be more thrilled! I have a lot of things planned for August along with some super exciting news I can't wait to share with you all! I don't know about you, but I always start a new month with high ambitions and a big to-do list. This month's list? Here's a peek:
  1. Find a working vintage camera 
  2. Decorate a mug with a favorite quote (I want to try this tutorial)
  3. Buy a cute little stamp -- perhaps a nautical-inspired one?
  4. Finish off my summer reading
  5. Try to tweet more often. I'm really bad at this and tweet 4-5 times a week at most
  6. Become more organized!
  7. Attempt to do everything on this list before September
** This is a scheduled post


  1. I really want to find a working vintage camera too. Good luck with your search!


  2. I love this. <3 So cute! you got yourself a new follower:D If you like photography or inspirational quotes, you should check out my blog if you get a chance too. :)

  3. hello August! I hope that you get to your to-dos :)

  4. Sharpie mugs are soo easy, i did some a while ago, just remember not to put them in the dishwasher! ruins the design


  5. Oh, look at the green of that grass! So glorious! And a pretty good to-do list, too. ;)


    Melissa @ Melicious

  6. i gotta work on tweeting, too. i feel kindof lost and left out on there.
    like middle school!
    new to your blog and now follow thru GFC. if you have time to look at my blog and follow, too, it would make my day! found your blog thru amy morby's blog. :-)

  7. hi Nat!

    this sounds like a really great list for august... i too am in need of some serious organization, but i really don't see that happening until september, haha! i just bought the ipad, in hopes that i would take advantage of the "to do", "grocery" and "bills to pay" type apps, but alas, i really just use safari and netflix. perhaps a filofax?

    in the meantime, i'm trying to embrace the last of summer. what are you reading for summer?

    also, as far as vintage cameras... have you checked out etsy? great selection. i'd like to say red velvet also has vintage cameras, but i'm not 100% sure?

    good luck, dear. talk to you soon,



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