August 27, 2014


Hey there! I haven't done this post series in a while, so I thought it would be fun to start it up again.

The Office. The Office. The Office. Yes, I just typed that three times. That show is officially my life and I love it to pieces. I'm going to buy this phone case asap (it's the cutest thing ever)

nothing at the moment! (which makes me very sad) Any book recommendations?

It's been too hot lately to really bake anything so… do s'mores count?

thinking about:
what aren't I thinking about? I really want to buy a fisheye lens for my camera, continue with my granny square quilt (I'm about 10 squares in!), and I'm trying to use my camera more often.

excited about:
my etsy shop which I just re-opened a little while ago. I offer graphic design services for your blog, shop or business, so if you need anything let me know - I'd love to work with you!


June 27, 2014

turning the page

Has it really been more than six months since I've last been here? It seems like forever ago since I've last clicked that "publish" button - too long if you ask me. A blogging break has been in order months and months and months ago, and honestly its exactly what I needed. Some new perspective, fresh ideas, more insight. I think I've learned more about myself these past few months away from the keyboard than I have in a long time and I'm glad I was able to take the break because I've realize what I'd been missing. Sometimes you need to be away from something to see how much you need it in your life and see how much of in impact it has (or doesn't have). And in this case, that "something" is my blog. Being away from it for so long makes me realize how big of a part it is in my life and how much I truly did miss it. I don't think it's something I'll ever truly be able to give up or let go.

And it's funny; in such a short period of time, the blogosphere seems so much different than it was a year ago. I've seen a few of my favorite bloggers bow out of the blogging game, and others openly admit what a struggle it's been for them - all the changes that have occurred and how it's affected them. It makes me sad when people say "blogging is a dying art" or that it's "jumped the shark". Do I think that's true? Well, yes and no. Every industry has it's ups and downs and I think its all just part of a learning process. The internet is ever-evolving and I think we all just need to learn how to adapt to it, with it's ebbs and flows and changing fads. 

I've decided to give blogging another shot, and with it the attention and effort it deserves. No more half hearted attempts, but something with much more potential. The Modern Buttercup I've had in mind since day one and I look forward to getting it where it needs to be. I'm not going to set any definite goals for myself yet, I'm just going to try and post once or twice a week and offer content that's worth reading. 

Anyone ready to join me on this new adventure? I'm ready.

xoxo Nat

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

xo, Nat

October 16, 2013

snapshots: pumpkin patch

I finally remembered to bring my camera with me somewhere -- and the result was these lovely snapshots I took at the pumpkin patch! The lighting was so perfect and everything had such an "autumn-y" vibe to it that made me realize that summer is pretty much officially over (yes, its taken me this long to finally accept that).

Lingering sunshine,
harvest's arrival,
baskets and baskets of orange-hued pumpkins.

xoxo, Nat

September 27, 2013

friday favorites: eighteenth

It's another Friday and its actually very nice to know that the weekend is awaiting. Today (like I do pretty much every friday) I have put together another collection of links + pictures for your enjoyment...

Seasons change and so do we
Applying to my life as of the late... not going to delve in much further than that.

DIY scarf.
Can I just say how much I LOVE love love love this scarf? Super super cute and I really really want to try the DIY.

Flavored Water
I don't drink water very often at all, and this actually looks pretty refreshing. Anything to stay hydrated!

This is making my heart melt.

Simple, yet lovely.

Have a great weekend!
xoxo, Nat