August 31, 2012

friday favorites: fun things

I'm back again with some more friday favorites! It's been a great week so far, and I plan on finishing it off with some yummy food and a cup of tea...
A cute kitty print
It kind of looks like my cat Ella, and I couldn't resist adding it to this week's picks. Miss Capricho's artwork is so simple and cute, and I love the look of it.

Fun garlands
I love simple, whimsical garlands with charm, and when I found this one, I just loved it! It's just so cute and would look so nice on the wall... Find the how-to to make this ice cream garland here.

Maiden Braid
I've been wanting to try this hairstyle for a while now and planning to give it a whirl this weekend! See the tutorial right here.

Heart shaped ice cubes
Isn't this ingenious? Adorable, and incredibly simple. Want to make these heart cubes?

Awesome nail designs
I'm painting my nails this week and I'm getting some inspiration from these lovely nails. I love the effect given by the different colored stripes and curious how they would look on my own nails...

August 28, 2012

blog design 101: choosing colors for your blog

Blog design is pretty much everything in a blog and ultimately determines whether or not a new reader will continue reading your blog or move on to another one. And the most important thing about a blog design? Your blog's color scheme. They're are a huge part of your blog design and keep it looking neat and put together, while giving your blog a branded look.

How many to choose
Keep it simple. Only use 3-4 main colors in your blog design. Too many look a crazy and messy!

What to choose
I'd recommend choosing a few of your favorite colors to start out with, and then branching out a bit and seeing how they do next to another color you're not too sure about. Try out some 'weird' color combos if you'd like! It might help spark some new ideas and combos. (For example, maroon and light grey)

Below, I'll show you some great examples of excellent blog colors that make the blog designs look neat and cohesive.
Kaelah's blog colors are yellow, pink, purple, and green, with a hint of grey. She also has a pretty watercolor thing going on and it looks just lovely! It gives it a bold yet dainty look. Color use: A+

Emma & Elsie's blog is also nice -- clean, simple, with handmade touches. Main colors being: green, blue, black, and white, also with hints of dark grey. The design also consists of pops of color and looks beautiful (no pun intended)! I also love the black color used for the header. It makes it look bold and modern. Color use: A+

Kate's blog is one of my favorites. Super simple with only 4 main colors: pink, cream yellow-ish, white, and some grey. It makes the blog look very branded and gives the blog a really cohesive look that says "Kate" For color, this blog is a shining example!
Color use: A++

And for my blog, I use these main 4 colors:

Very simple, and with light pastels.

Anyway, that's today's blogging lesson, and I hope you enjoyed it! What are your blog's main color scheme?

August 26, 2012

want to sponsor Modern Buttercup in September?

It's this time of the month again and I'm once again accepting sponsors for next month! As you know, I've just recently re-launched my blog, and with that re-launch I have fresh content for September and some pretty awesome posts ready. If you want to sponsor my blog, then this is the month to do it! 
The XL spot is now open for September, so if you'd like to snag that spot, do it quick -- they go fast.

Did I forget to mention that my ad sizes have also changed? See them below:
I hope you sponsor in September and look forward to having you on the team next month! Feel free to email me anytime with inquiries.

August 25, 2012

I love my sponsors: August

I always have such an amazing group of sponsors, and this month is clearly no exception! Today I'm here to showcase some of my sponsors - you don't want to miss this!

Kitty and Buck

Kitty is one of my best blogging friends and she has a beautiful blog. She always has lovely outfit posts and lots and lots of super helpful DIY's and how-to's. My favorite this month? How to photograph strawberries.

Generations Collective

Generations Collective has a gorgeous selection of vintage style clothing for an amazing price! I love this dress right here.

Gentri Lee

Gentri Lee is another sweet blogger with a blog with some fun posts that are a blast to read! I love her 7 Questions weekly feature and her writing style. Make sure to visit this gal's blog!

Ziza Vita

Ziza's blog is a great read, with some gorgeous photos! The photo above shows a recipe for Strawberry-Lime cupcake with Cashew frosting... yum!

And don't forget my other fabulous sponsors:

August 24, 2012

Friday Favorites: first edition

It's my very first time doing a ''Friday Favorites" and I'm delighted to be starting! I'm still getting the hang of it, so just stay with me :)

Flower Crowns
I love the whimsical look of flower crowns -- the daintiness, the flowers, everything! I've been meaning to do this tutorial for a while now, but haven't quite gotten to it. Perhaps this weekend's to-do project?

Diana vintage cameras
Vintage cameras are my latest obsession and Diana cameras are currently my favorites. I'm still looking for that perfect one-- I saw one the other day at Urban Outfitters, but it was $60 (ouch!) Just a bit out of my price range...

Beautiful Gemstone Necklaces
Anyone who knows me will know that I'll buy a necklace over a shirt any day -- and this is no exception! It's so pretty and dainty. I can't wait to buy this one.

Favorite blog post this week: Uniquely Me
This post was amazing; an eye opener, and beautifully written. Not to mention a great pick-me-up! Jenny's posts are always heartfelt and this one is now one of my favorites. Make sure to read the post (you can see it here.)

I hope you enjoyed this week's picks! I'll see you tomorrow with a group sponsor intro...

August 22, 2012

a new look

Modern Buttercup has a new look! Yes, it's true. Although I did love my old blog design and super proud of it, I felt it was time to re-launch it and get back into the swing of things. It needed a bit of a boost and what better way to do that than with a beautiful blog makeover? This time, I saved myself a bit of work and lots of time, and purchased a template from blog milk. Such pretty layouts to choose from! I'm still tweaking it a bit, so there will be some minor changes made to it as time goes on.

With this new look and blog re-launch, I will be saying hello to new features and bidding farewell to others. I'll also be changing slightly what I post about. I'd like to make it a combo of inspiration and lifestyle for now, and it'll probably define itself once I decide what I'll dedicate my blog to. Most likely a mixture of things and topics.... I guess we'll have to just wait and see.

Thanks again, my lovely readers for hanging on and patiently waiting for the small blog hiatus to end. I have lots of amazing posts in store you won't want to miss!

August 18, 2012

inspiration: endless summer


My favorite colors right now are mint, light yellow, and coral so I put them together into a little inspiration board above. Summer is going by so fast and it's hard to believe it's nearly over! The name for this inspiration board was inspired by long summer days and trips to the seashore. I'm so bummed that I haven't finished my summer to do list yet... here's what I got done:
  1. Began to work on my new wardrobe for late summer/autumn
  2. Put together a spreadsheet for blog posts
  3. Lots and lots of blog designs
  4. Went to the beach -- twice!
  5. Saw family and friends
  6. Summer reading 
  7. Learned how to make 'gourmet' popsicles
In other words, I've been a bit busy! I plan on wrapping up my list soon and getting ready to get back in the swing of things. What have you done this summer? Feel free to leave your answers in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!

August 14, 2012

meet my new kitten: Ella

Hello again! It's so nice to be blogging again after a bit of a few days off. But this time I have a good excuse: I've gotten a new cat (a kitten, acually)! I've wanted one forever and finally picked one up at the Humane Society, Sunday evening. There were so many to choose from and it was so hard to pick just one... Really hard. But when I held Ella in my arms and heard her little meow, I was sold. She's a playful little thing and very curious. She's lovely and I have to admit, playing with her has thrown off blogging a bit!

The first night in the house, she slept in the bathroom with a kitty bed, litter box, food & water and lots of toys (so we wouldn't overwhelm her with the whole house). Slowly, I've introduced her to the rest of the house -- the kitchen, the dining room...

She's 2 months old and weighs about 2 pounds. How much cuter can a kitty get?

August 10, 2012

NOTD: Sunshiney Yellow

I haven't done a Nail of the Day post in a while, so I thought I would surprise you all with a little update! I know they are really simple right now and just a plain yellow, but they look so pretty! I used 'Blake' from Julep Maven and just adore the color. I have the color on right now as a type and took these photos over at Universal Studios while I was waiting in line (those lines are long) I've been wearing this color as one of my summer shades. So far, I've worn coral pink, yellow, avocado green, and mint. What are your go-to summer nail colors?

August 8, 2012

July's Featured Sponsor: Miss Kelly

Today I'll be featuring an interview from lovely Miss Kelly, July's featured sponsor! I interviewed her a little while ago and enjoyed reading all of her answers. Over at her blog, her posts are a blast to read, and it was so much fun to interview her. See the interview below:

Tell us a bit about you:
I am a Mid-Twenty something City girl with a huge Country heart! I love running, yoga, and anything fitness related. I like to pretend I can cook and bake like a rockstar but that would be far from the truth. I am learning though, and my skills are increasing. You can ALWAYS find me with my iPhone to take many photos, or one of my digital SLR's! 

What inspired you to blog?
Truth is, I have ALWAYS been a blogger! Remember the days of live journal? xanga? Yep had those! I just feel blogging is an expressive way to a creative outlet. 

Any favorite blog reads?
hands down my favorite blog is Erin's blog from living in yellow!

What's next for your blog? I have a lot of revamps coming up! I have been tied down between two jobs, but I am officially back and ready to take my blogs to new places, and new people! 

// Make sure to visit Miss Kelly at her blog, Facebook, or Pinterest!

August 6, 2012

a day through photographs: Universal Studios

I'm back from my last vacation of the summer and have some photos to share with you all! I had a blast down in L.A. , and made sure to take lots of pics of Universal. I selected the very best to share with you:

After a long car ride (as in, 6 hours long) I arrived at Universal Studios in the late afternoons excited with the possibilities that laid ahead on this glorious trip!

About an hour after I entered the park, I took the ever so famous Studio Tour and I wasn't disappointed a bit! I got to see a few special effects and how they worked. The photo above shows a set that's flooding and raining. Who knew so much work went into the setting of a movie?

A few rides later, I decided to keep my energy up and went to the candy store. While I'm not a big fan of Jelly beans, I couldn't resist taking a photo of those brightly colored candies and snapped a photo! So far, I'd visited on these attractions:
  1. the Studio Tour
  2. Special Effects show
  3. Shrek 4-D

Around 7 in the evening, the sun went down in L.A. and the weather started getting colder. I planned the last few rides we'd go on the day before we left Universal for the day and joined the long lines before the park closed.

Towards the end of the day, we went to City Walk and enjoyed looking at the beautiful lights and shops.  I had done so much in one day and so glad you could take a peek of my trip!

August 1, 2012

Say hello to the month of August!

It's a new month and I couldn't be more thrilled! I have a lot of things planned for August along with some super exciting news I can't wait to share with you all! I don't know about you, but I always start a new month with high ambitions and a big to-do list. This month's list? Here's a peek:
  1. Find a working vintage camera 
  2. Decorate a mug with a favorite quote (I want to try this tutorial)
  3. Buy a cute little stamp -- perhaps a nautical-inspired one?
  4. Finish off my summer reading
  5. Try to tweet more often. I'm really bad at this and tweet 4-5 times a week at most
  6. Become more organized!
  7. Attempt to do everything on this list before September
** This is a scheduled post