March 30, 2012

Weekend Links

I always enjoy a good blog post and here are a few great ones for you to read over the weekend!

Create your own vintage herb garden - it looks so lovely and I can't wait to make one myself!
Scented body scrub - ooh-la-lah! :)

Check out this outfit post - don't you just love this outfit? I know I do!

Boost your Blog blog post series - get lots of helpful tips!

New blogs I've discovered and now loving:
Piece of Cake, Peace of mind
(sweet) symphanie
paper airplanes and maryjanes

I hope you can go and visit all those links as they're all amazing posts (and blogs) worth reading!

Have a lovely weekend,

March 29, 2012

Project: Blogging Buddies

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The blogging community is full of awesome, sweet bloggers who are so supportive and full of great advice and I would like to give my readers a piece of that here at my blog. A sense of community. A sense of friendship.

I've seen a few swaps occurring lately, and in fact, I'm a part of one! It's fun to be part of that and it really helps brighten your day. So I'm going to get to the point now- wouldn't you just love a blogging buddy? Someone who can help support you, help promote your blog, and someone that can be your friend here in the blogging community? I know I do!

Depending on the number on people interested, I'll put up little blogging buddy swap soon in a post where you can sign up. And then I'll help you find a blogging buddy with a blog similar to yours and we can begin the fun! Details will come soon...

So if you're interested, please say so in the comments- I'd love to have you in the "swap"!

UPDATE: Due to the amount of responses, official sign-ups will be up next Thursday in it's own post!

March 27, 2012

To Do list

This is a little peek at my to do list for the week- it's kind of small but it's easier to get done! I still need to add a few things (look for cute ring to buy, get some mango ice cream bars, etc.) but I'll do that once I complete this list first....

Do you have anything planned for this week?

I almost forgot to mention the winner of the french macaron giveaway! Drumroll please... congrats Izzy! You've won! :)

March 26, 2012

French Macaron Monday

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Happy Monday lovelies! It's the start of a new week and what better than to start it off with 2 of my favorite things- french macarons and fonts? (I just realized they start with the same letter-- possibly a new feature coming soon?) 

This weekend was good mellow one, and since I like making lists, I'll share what I did this weekend in - what else but a list?
  1. Finished my embroidery piece for the Stitch swap. Just in time too!
  2. Watched the anticipated Hunger Games (5 out of 5 stars, by the way)
  3. Worked on design orders, several of them almost done!
  4. Waited for my tookies order to arrive-- can't wait! :D
  5. Ordered yet more candy off of etsy.
  6. Caught up on my favorite show, Once Upon a Time

March 21, 2012

Sponsor Modern Buttercup in April!

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I'm excited to announce that I'm now accepting sponsors for April! April is going to be a great month as I'm introducing a sponsor intro post at the beginning of the month for all my XL sponsors- so if you'd like to reserve your spot, make sure to comment below, email,  or convo me. I'd love to have you on the team! There are only 5 XL spots, so make sure to get 'em fast! :)

March 20, 2012

It's national French Macaron Day!


It's one of the best days of the year- national french macaron day! One of the best days ever, when I get gorge on french macarons and celebrate with you- my lovely blog readers! And as a little treat, I have a giveaway for you... 

You could win this adorable macaron charm from Emily's shop- studio lemyx!

Mandatory Entry:
Follow this blog and tell me your favorite item from Emily's shop **1 entry**

Extra Entries:
- Heart her shop and leave a comment**1 entry**
- Add her shop to your Etsy circle **1 entry**
- Tweet/blog about this giveaway and leave a comment **2 entries each**
Subscribe to my newsletter! **5 entries**

- Please leave 1 comment for each entry! -

With one of your comments, please include some contact info; your email or Etsy Shop name is fine.

The giveaway will end next Monday, the 26th, and the winner will be announced soon after!
{If the winner does not claim their prize in 48 hours, another winner will be chosen}

Thanks again to Emily who helped make this giveaway possible!

March 19, 2012

French Macaron Monday

Happy Monday lovelies! It's sure to be a busy week and I'm ready to face it head on! I still have to make some chocolate chip cookies, and finish my Wild Olive Stitch Swap piece, not to mention the goodies included.... Anyway, this week I'll be posting daily and trying to keep a more balanced posting schedule so you can all look forward to some new fresh content daily.

I have a lot of awesome things planned this week, so make sure to stay tuned!

P.S. 4 more days until the Hunger Games premiere! 

March 14, 2012

Product Review: my billie designs

A few weeks ago, I received this lovely little necklace in the mail from my billie designs and was in love with the pretty vintage packaging and even better- the necklace itself! I've worn it with many outfits and it matches with everything, not to mention all the compliments I've gotten on it! I absolutely love this necklace and highly recommend this Etsy shop and seller. 

Thanks again Melanie for this lovely necklace! 

** I was not paid to do this review

March 13, 2012

Daily Doings: Making Meringues

Aren't these lovely? These little beauties are meringues before they go in the oven. I took these photos after I mixed the batter, added a little bit of blue food dye* and piped out 200 of these little treats. 200! My hand was a bit sore after that. But it was definitely worth it! They were light and melted on your tongue like fresh marshmallows. Pure yumminess! It was my first time making these and overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the way they turned out. 
*Note: If you ever dye meringues, make sure to add a lot of food dye! (5-6 drops should do it) 
The meringues I made came out a bit cream-off white/bluish kind of color.

March 12, 2012

French Macaron Monday


Happy Monday everyone and sorry for my absence! But don't worry, I'm back and will be posting regularly. It's just been a bit hard juggling my Etsy shop and blog at the same time, but I'm definitely trying to get the hang of it!

As for my to-do list, here's what I managed to finish:
  1. Print out my monthly calendar for March
  2. Re-read the Hunger Games trilogy
  3. Finish design orders 
  4. Discover some awesome new blogs!
  5. Buy some candy off of Etsy

 Anyway, what have you done this week? I'd love to know! :)

March 8, 2012

Link up: Pinterest

I love Pinterest, and it's fun just pinning some great photos and sharing them with all my lovely followers (you and my lovely Pinterest followers) And since I really need to see more inspirational Pinterest boards, I was wondering if maybe you'd like to link up your favorite pins and your own Pinterest boards- I'd love to see them! You can see mine here.

Happy Pinning everyone!

March 7, 2012

Do your nails

I absolutely love doing my nails and wanted to share this little cheetah print design tutorial that I'm trying to master. After all, cheetah print matches with (almost) everything! 

P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts lately! My little graphic design shop is finally taking off and I'm caught up with all the orders- but don't worry, regular posting will resume next week! :)

Happy Wednesday!

March 5, 2012

French Macaron Monday

It's another lovely Monday- or so we hope. My week's jam packed with stuff, I mean, look at my to-do list!
  1. Print out my monthly calendar for March
  2. Re-read the Hunger Games trilogy
  3. Finish design orders 
  4. Discover some awesome new blogs!
  5. Buy some candy off of Etsy
What do you have planned for the week?

March 3, 2012

Windy Winter

It's been so cold lately! It's rained a bit, but more cold than anything else. (I know it sounds like I'm whining but honestly-- I get really cold easily, so this tends to affect me) So for the most part I'm just staying indoors and working on a little embroidery piece for the Wild Olive Embroidery Swap. I'm super excited for this swap as it's my first swap and since Wild Olive is one of my favorite blogs ever, I figured "Hey, why not?" And here I am. 

Anyway, just wanted to wish you a happy Saturday and hoping your weekend is going as well as mine is...

March 2, 2012

Now showing: UN TOUR DE MANEGE

It's Friday! I love Fridays as they're the start of another glorious weekend... and to brighten your day a little bit more, here's a whimsical little video that's sure to please.

March 1, 2012

{Questions: Dessert or Dinner? }


It's time for this month's question: Which do you eat first, dessert or dinner?
I like to get things done and out of the way before I can get to the fun stuff-- dessert. So naturally, I eat my dinner first and then dessert. It just gives me something to look forward to.

What about you? Feel free to leave your answer in the comments- I can't wait to see what you think!