July 30, 2012

Guest Post: Go for a hike

Hello! My name is Jessie and my blog is My Mod Style. Nat asked me to do a guest post while she is off camping! At first I thought I would post something related to camping, but realized since I haven't gone since I was a child I better not. If I went camping today I probably would forget to take all the things I needed. So I will stick to blogging about outdoor activities I know! I love hiking and biking! I hope to get into camping next summer. I live in the state of Wyoming and my husband and I love to visit National Parks! One of our favorites is Vedauwoo National Park...

guestpost go for a hike1

Vedauwoo is beautiful! Full of trees and cool rock formations!

The altitude is around 8,000 feet high! We love to take our little dog Chloe with us to hike! It's so much fun.
I highly recommend enjoying National Parks throughout the country. Take advantage of the natural beauty.
Here we are being happy about hiking...

guestpost2 go for a hike

Summer is my favorite season and I am going to be very sad to see it go!

I love packing a lunch and just being outside all day! I also love taking tons and tons of pictures.
Photography is important to me because I love to capture moments in life so I can hold onto them forever!

guestpost3 go for a hike

Like my dog being cute. I always catch her sticking her tongue out!

Isn't that rock huge? I am small, but the rock would make anyone appear tiny.

With only a few more months of warm weather I hope you take advantage of it!
Go for a hike! Hop on a bike and pack a picnic!

Stop by my blog and see all my summer adventures! Thanks Nat for having me!


  1. how fantastic! thanks for sharing this great post

  2. I love hiking, and wish there were more trails around here! Looks like a fun day. And I have to say, your dog is SO cute. He looks just like ours! Do you know what kind of dog he is? We rescued ours so we're not sure... we know he's part chihuahua but aren't sure of the other part!

  3. My dog is a Chihuahua. :) She is a sweet heart.


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